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Free Satou Kazuma – HD Wallpapers New 2021*

Satou kazuma (佐藤 和真) is the principle protagonist of the konosuba collection. He was reincarnated into the delusion world after death.

he became firstly a pupil from japan who usually skipped out on college in prefer of lazing around at domestic playing video video games. Eventually he died in an accident and become sent to the fable world along the goddess of water aqua which will defeat the demon king, who sought to oppress the unfastened peoples of the myth global.
kazuma is a younger man of average height and weight. He has brief and barely spiky chestnut-brown hair and green eyes (each black in the light novel). His normal outfit includes a gold-trimmed green mantle, white blouse, pants, and leather boots. He initially wore a green tracksuit. He typically wears his shortened katana, chunchunmaru, on his belt.
prior to his new lifestyles within the fantasy global, kazuma turned into a hikikomori, accordingly setting apart himself from society and spending all his time in his room playing video video games, all while maintaining little to no relationships outdoor. A number of those traits would occur now and again in the fable global, which include becoming extraordinarily nervous whilst first assembly the lovely darkness and resigning himself to lazing round beneath his kotatsu at all times.

after coming to the delusion international, kazuma will become a great deal more social and outgoing and become to begin with excited at the chance of becoming an adventurer. No matter this, but, kazuma turns into an increasing number of pessimistic about his new life as he discovers the cruel truth of being an adventurer, which include the low pay and life-threatening paintings.

Satou Kazuma – HD Wallpapers Apk download

He has no qualms with reminding aqua of how useless she can be or how creepy he unearths darkness’ masochism. This doesn’t simply extend to his teammates, as he is likewise open about his disdain for narcissistic people like mitsurugi kyouya. Kazuma tends to openly complain about the unlucky situations he gets in, which include when he falls into debt, in which he normally becomes even more irritable and depressed.

though the most unassuming member of the group, kazuma is often described as a person who’s quot;reliable at important moments. Quot; as such, he may be relatively clever in addition to a good chief, regularly being the only who comes up with the plans or leads the institution. Megumin describes him as hardworking while hes terrible, and lazy whilst hes rich. Regardless of his abrasive mind-set, kazuma has a kind coronary heart, as he does simply experience his time together with his birthday party and is willing to do something it takes to in the long run assist them. Even in his unique world, kazuma confirmed a few semblance of bravery as he become willing to sacrifice his life to keep a girl he truly idea was in hazard, even declaring after he died that he turned into best with his fate as lengthy the girl was safe (though later it’s revealed she was in no damage within the first place, to kazuma’s embarrassment).

however at the same time as he can be brave, kazuma possesses some less heroic attributes as nicely. He’s pretty lecherous and often presents himself as an “recommend of gender equality” as an excuse for him to assault and harass women by stealing their panties. He additionally makes use of this to justify him taking flight a dangerous conflict before the girls. Together with this, kazuma changed into perfectly content with residing the rest of his existence as a lazy bum after earning enough money to live comfortably, essentially leaving behind his preliminary quest to defeat the demon king, although this turned into after having died multiple instances amongst other as an alternative traumatizing reports.


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